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Key musical instruments

Key musical instruments are characterized by a sound extraction system with the help of levers controlled by keys. A lot of keys, arranged in a certain order, were called the instrument keyboard. Organ – the first keyboard instrument The history of keyboard instruments originates in the Middle Ages. One of the first keyboard instruments is […]

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Percussion instruments

Percussion instruments – the most numerous to date family of musical instruments. Sound from instruments of this type is extracted by hitting the surface of the sounding body. The sounding body can take various forms and be made from a variety of materials. In addition, shaking is permitted in place of the shock – in […]

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Where Can I Get Help with my Homework?

From those times of middle school and up to the college, all students need to know how to compose in various conditions in order to accomplish written assignments. There are no doubts that students may experience some overload with homework tasks in a while and will, therefore, require receiving some assistance for that matter. Needless […]

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Reed instruments

Reed instruments are a family of musical instruments that are characterized by sound formation with a tongue – a flexible, vibrating plate of small dimensions. Sheng – the first reed instrument The first lingual musical instrument is supposedly about 2 thousand years old. It’s about the ancient Chinese harmonica, called “sheng”. In the countries of […]

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The origin of violin

The cello may be the many prevalent bow-string device, experiencing amazing recognition because the 16th-century like a solo and complement instrument within the band. The cello can also be named the orchestra’s “king “. About when and wherever this renowned guitar seemed the discussion doesn’t diminish even today. Some historians claim that the bend seemed […]

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