Famous Composers

Biographical information about world famous musical composers

Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker is one of the few artists who during his lifetime was called a genius whose name was and remains legendary. He left an unusually bright trace in the imagination of contemporaries, which was reflected not only in jazz, but also in other arts, in particular in literature. Today it is difficult to imagine […]

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Big bands of the post-moving age

Severe economic conditions after the Second World War, changes in the interests of the public and managers radically affected the many big bands of the swing era. Most of them disappeared forever. However, in the early 50’s, the genre revived. With difficulty, but restored the orchestras of Benny Goodman, Count Basie, a little later – […]

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A of common expertise, a consultant of the traditional college, demonstrated en from an early. Indication of the astrology – Aquarius. Mozart is audio mirrored the suggestions of the motion and also the Enlightenment ” the Assault and also The Surprise,” the creative connection with customs and numerous nationwide colleges was converted. More than 20 […]

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