Argumentative Essay Writing Steps

Essays are those assignments, which are very common ones in such educational establishments as high schools and colleges and, as a rule, you are expected to compose these papers without a considerable contribution from your teacher or instructor. Your experience of composing these papers is supposed to originate from those days spent in elementary and middle schools.

A Brief Note before Getting Started

Also, argumentative essays are widely known as persuasive essays. Nonetheless, there is a number of differences between these two kinds.

Persuasive papers tend to be brief, about six paragraphs long. As usual, they center on your point with one short paragraph intended for the opposite point. Persuasive papers center on readers’ emotions.

What is a good argumentative essay? As usual, argumentative papers are longer, and one can write as many paragraphs as needed. While the paper is focused on your point, there is also some discussion concerning the opposite point that contains more than one paragraph. Argumentative papers center on facts in order to convince readers and call on their emotions.

Before Composing

It is quite significant to play the paper before composing, and this process consists of a few various approaches. At first, it is better to choose the topic, but the given topic has to include two opposite conclusions or two contradictory points. Try to take into consideration those topics that are of great interest for you.

Do not forget that argumentative papers are based mostly on facts. When choosing the topic that is of great interest for you, make sure to choose the one that may be backed up with reasoning line and facts. Consider the list of topics very carefully and start producing the list of the facts you may apply on your favorite topics.

After you have found great argumentative essay topics, do not just conduct research regarding your point. In addition, engage yourself in doing some reading regarding two sides of the argument together with the list of points from two sides.

The Process of Writing

In comparison with all other papers, argumentative essay includes three significant elements – the introductory section, the main body, and concluding sentences. You can see a detailed description of each element below. Remember that the length will be dependent on the task initial instructions directed at you.

  • Introductory Section

The very first section has to present the subject and provide the thesis. The given thesis will be the stance you are going to take on every single topic you select. The introductory section has to be brief and understandable.

Main Body

The following several paragraphs will form the main body of the paper. The given part may consist of as many paragraphs as you need to accomplish the paper according to the assignment instructions. Within the frames of the main body, your task is to detail two sides of one argument. In case you still do not have any idea how to start a good argumentative essay, the main body is a basis for a nice introductory section.

The idea of the given paper is to argue for a stance, so spend enough time on your side, not the opposite one. At first, represent the opposite side and show the strongest points together with any facts applied to back them up.

In Conclusion

The given section has to reassert your stance. Highlight that your stance is the best one by means of summing up the main points. Add the best facts. The majority of conclusions form one paragraph long since the conclusions are expected to be an overview of the whole paper.

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