History of Music

Here we talk about the long path of music’s historical development

Traditional work songs

In conventional civilizations all over the world, tune usually accompanies function. Function tunes have been developed by Americans from careers like selecting cotton, for all vocations, to commercial types, like operating railway spikes. As did mariners, whose songs stored function planning easily on high boats through the era of cruise legendary National numbers such as […]

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Jazz History

One day the chief editor of the most famous American jazz magazine “Down Beat”, traveling in 124 countries around the world, some reporter during an interview asked: “What is jazz?”. “You have never seen a person so quickly caught in place by such a simple question!”, The editor subsequently said. In contrast, some other jazz […]

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An important role in the formation of Afro-American music was played by the process of conversion of slaves brought from Africa into the Christian faith. Black did not object to the initiation of a new faith, because she gave them the hope of liberation. This is how the dogmas of Christianity were perceived, adapting themselves […]

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