Musical Instruments

Posts on the history and classification of all existing musical instruments

Development of the trumpet (prt. 3)

We must remember the musical manufacturer K.Yu. Zimmerman, who produced pianos, stringed and wind instruments. On its production there worked wonderful masters, who made very good tools. The branch of the Zimmermann factory was also opened in St. Petersburg (now the Leningrad windmill factory). After the revolution of 1917 in Russia, this factory, renamed the […]

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Development of the trumpet (prt. 2)

Their appearance is associated with an increased interest in the music of the XVII century, especially IS. Bach and G.F. Handel. In 1885, F. Besson made a pipe G with additional crowns F and E. In Germany at the same time there were pipes D, in 1894 Alexander produced a pipe F for the Second […]

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Development of the trumpet (prt. 1)

It’s required, possibly, to begin with a motto: the tube, despite its generations- background that is aged, the device is extremely youthful. Nevertheless, it truly is! The pipe is just a kid of improvement that is specialized, its produce is linked to metal’s running and also the first resources, which may be named a tube, […]

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Classical era music

Whilst the interval that was Traditional required around within the -1700s in addition to the period that was Baroque injury there seemed deciding faculties which were several. The latest audio of the conventional period maintained to focus but additionally making them larger where actually times’ audio was needed, effective and complicated. Confused? Allow our manual […]

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History of saxophone development

Creator of saxophone Adolf (Antoine Paul) Sachs was created in a little Belgian city of Dinan, within the group of a renowned wind-instrument grasp. Adolf’s dad, Charles Paul, was home-trained, but created clarinets of quality he was hired courtroom audio grasp and, from that point, he obtained medals and several degrees, and greater than a […]

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The history and development of the clarinet

At the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries. One of the most interesting instruments appears which later supplemented and decorated the group of woodwind instruments in the symphony orchestra – the clarinet. The clarinet was created, as it is supposed, in 1701 by the famous Nuremberg master of woodwinds Johann Christoph Denner, who perfected the ancient […]

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