Publication and Promotion

Useful info about the different issues related to labels, music recording and distribution

Promo materials: demo – Part 3

It’s absolutely terrible when such a disc is also clumsily signed, when even the name of the group can hardly be read. Therefore, we strongly advise you not to give or send unformulated discs to someone. This is neither presentable nor serious. Therefore, you should take care of the professional design of the discs with […]

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Promo materials: demo – Part 2

Format and quality of audio files This is also a very important point, which cannot be ignored. Your demo should be presented on a physical medium (CD, flash drive) and in digital form – as files for sending by e-mail, posting on sites, in social networks, etc. I would recommend that you immediately make several […]

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Promo materials: demo – Part 1

What are promo materials? Promo materials are a set of materials that let you know about you and your work. In simple terms, promotional materials are your demos, photos, videos, biographies, newspaper clippings, etc. That is, materials that give an idea of your musical project. It is from the promotional materials will depend more on […]

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Sound recording in the studio

When recording in studio conditions, there is one most important rule – complete trust to the sound engineer. If you are not sure which sound you need, or if you have any problems, consult with the sound engineer. His goal is to get an excellent result that you like. Therefore, he not only can, but […]

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Difference Between Licensing and Distribution

Selecting between certification and submission is just a typical problem for just about any indie brands, particularly when it involves looking to get out their photos globally. They also have a substantial effect on your job, and each of the own positives and negatives. What’s Certification? When another company, often another record-label or perhaps a […]

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How to Find a Music Distributor

Observe that bodily submission is looked at by this manual only – submission that is electronic isn’t mentioned here. Getting an audio supplier is a must if you wish to observe your recording within the stores; whether you are a group likely to home-launch your recording or perhaps a tag looking to get out many […]

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Music Distribution

Submission may be the method that documented audio gets within consumers’ fingers. Typically, submission businesses indication handles report trademarks which provide them with the best to market the items of that tag. The supplier requires a slice of revenue from each device gives the tag the rest of the equilibrium after which offered. Many marketers […]

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