Periods of polyphony development

Polyphony of the Baroque period (Croatia – unusual, weird) – a brand new interval within the historic improvement of polyphonic artwork. The improvement of free-style characterizes this time around. Free style provides brand-new probabilities of polyphonic publishing when comparing to a rigid design: the chance has been discovered to incorporate the internal (spiritual, spiritual) globe of guy in the shape of polyphony. Audio becomes artwork impartial, current never as a feature of praise; you will find works of critical audio, meant just for hearing. Obviously this doesn’t imply that a place does not be found by polyphony in the century’s expressive styles. On the other hand, based on an extended custom, it’s utilized cantatas, in masses interests. Just operas’ writers prevented polyphony, thinking that it had been outdated. The biggest polyphonists of the period are composers – G.-Y. I. -S. Bach. Imagination I.-S. Bach may be the pinnacle of artwork that is polyphonic. Polyphonic types: rycherkar – (German – to find, research) – in European audio of the sixteenth and 17th centuries. A type of polyphonic perform of an website associated with dream; The racecar may be the fugue’s forerunner. The title is a result of the fact as discovering various sounds of exactly the same concept that replica was regarded. Canzona – (German canzone, actually – a tune) – a song near to frottage and villanelle. The well-known canon “Center is thrilled by bloodstream that was warm ” from Mozart is safari ” Figaro’s Wedding “. The canzone turned a style of audio that was critical, much like fugue. Dream is just a style of audio that is critical by which improvement and exposition were coupled with passages that are free. Tokata – (German – touch, touch, perform the device) an initial item for that wood, the clavier, later a completely independent critical style. Fugue – (German in the Latin fuga – work, trip) – the greatest type of polyphonic audio. It’s constructed on numerous simulations of the primary audio concept in most sounds (from 2 or even more).

Polyphony of the period of Classicism (the 2nd 1 / 2 of the XVIII century). Classicism (from lat – exceptional). This period’s audio was named ” Viennese classicism’s period.” Excellent composers – T. Haydn. -A. M, Mozart. Beethoven produced their works underneath the indication of the key concept – the thought of ​​development. Improvement permeates styles and all types of audio. Some styles which are typical within the Baroque period are vanishing, providing method to fresh types (sonata, show, symphony). Polyphony of the classics’ uniqueness arrives, to begin with, towards the uniqueness of its software. Polyphonic methods are popular to build up thematic substance in developing areas of homophonic types (fugato in-development); Polyphonization of exposition or ultimate areas is usually done because of counterpointing or replicas; Lastly polyphonic types are section of big cyclic functions (Beethoven, 31 sonata – fugue). Among the primary accomplishments of the Viennese classics was the concert of the fugue (the developing area of the fugue comes near to the sonata improvement) 4 fugato (German fugato, actually such as for instance a fugue) – a in an audio work-based about the fugue exposition.

In the preliminary phase of improvement within the audio of composers that are intimate, significantly was not mattered by polyphony. Progressively, its part is growing: R. Y, Schumann. Y, Chopin. Liszt. Brahms – polyphony is definitely a significant that is important element, means that is polyphonic are utilized for application- options that are visible. There is ” a special “polyphonization within the function of R. Wagner. Polyphonic method is usually utilized in works of people-style personality (canons within F’s mazurkas. Chopin). Within the 19th-century, polyphony of consistency and tranquility happens. Canonical or copying style signifies merely a wonderful exterior coating behind which develops a powerful harmonic foundation. The style of Fugue, like this of the classics, is definitely an impartial function instead uncommon, primarily composers favored to determine fugue included in the vibrational – period that is symphonic.

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