How to develop an argumentative essay?

If you are preparing for the exam, you will certainly know what an argumentative essay is. If you’re not sure how to write one, I’ll give you some practical tips here.

The key to succeeding in an event like the production of writing is always training, but if you have the method, you certainly have a good starting point. The steps below are just hints, because everyone has their own way of writing. However, there are some points that must be respected when writing an essay.

Preparation for writing:

  • read all the documents, understand the subject and identify the problem;
    You have to read the texts carefully and pay particular attention to the titles. For example, if the documents focus on the role difference between today’s and former parents, and the title is “Parents, a difficult job?”, One must focus, among other things, on business word, used here in a provocative tone.
  • choose a point of view;
    You must choose whether you are for or against, whether you support one side or the other of the subject. Your text will then have the purpose of proving your thesis, your point of view, which you must defend to the end.
  • identify and highlight the actors who play an important role;
    To support your thesis, you need elements, facts, examples. You can find some in the documents provided. Point out all these useful elements to your essay.


  • introduce the problem;
    You must present the problem with one or two introductory sentences. Be careful because these are the first words the reviewers will read.
  • write the plan;
    You must explain in a few words the plan and purpose of your essay.
  • add elements, facts, examples of your own and present them;
    Without falling into the staff, you must expose your ideas and develop the subject. Each idea should be corroborated, supported by convincing examples.
  • finish with a small concluding paragraph;
    Finally, you have to summarize what you just said so that the conclusion is clear. It is also advisable to finish by focusing on a new problem close to that treated.
  • give a title;
    Sometimes it’s easier to give a title to your work at the end, when you have everything in front of you and after you have worked through all the ideas you wanted to talk about. The important thing is that it is commonplace or the same documents.
  • reread and, if necessary, correct;
    If you notice any errors or find that you have used words that are too generic, correct them. The text must have a logical meaning: the connectors could help you.

Here is an example of a plan for a data leak study:

The purpose of this paper is to further identify data loss internally in order to obtain a more realistic and, without being exhaustive, more complete, vision. We will begin by defining the terms of our subject, by giving an account of the current state as well as the consequences. Then, we will examine the facilitating aspects of these losses and finally we will finish on some proposals of elements of prevention.

Here is an example (which I have reworked) of introduction with a plan of a report on the situation of the needs of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa. Locate the useful expressions:

“This report, prepared by FAO, is the third in a series that reviews the food supply situation, grain imports and food aid needs of all countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It aims to provide governments and international organizations with the latest analysis and information on the food situation in these countries.

The first part deals with the serious difficulties of food supply in certain regions. She drew attention to the deterioration of supplies in Liberia, where pockets of famine had appeared in several regions. It also highlights the instability of crop production and food supplies in the Great Lakes region. Attention is also drawn to the significant improvement in food supplies in southern Africa, following above-average harvests in 1996. Prospects for harvesting in the Sahelian countries of West Africa are also examined.

The second section provides assessments of crop prospects and food supply situation by subregion, and the most recent estimates of cereal import and food aid needs in the four subregions of Saharan Africa.”

Remember that this is just an example, and you need to write a text of about 1000 words. If your production is longer, you will not be penalized, but try not to get too carried away. In fact, you could find out a top-notch essay writing help at the best writing services on the Web. That will help you to be prepared for exam essay writing, as well as home assignment completion.

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