Monthly Archives: August 2018

Sound recording in the studio

When recording in studio conditions, there is one most important rule – complete trust to the sound engineer. If you are not sure which sound you need, or if you have any problems, consult with the sound engineer. His goal is to get an excellent result that you like. Therefore, he not only can, but […]

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Methodical recommendations for writing an essay

Time requires the education of an active person, who can not only find information, but also competently, coherently, logically, responsibly and clearly formulate his opinion on any issue. The most successful genre of written work, which promotes the development of creative abilities of students, is an essay. This kind of work is primarily aimed at […]

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The Life Path of Hector Berlioz

Hector Berlioz belongs to the greatest composers and greatest innovators of the XIX century. He entered into history as the creator of program symphony, which had a great influence on the further development of romantic art. For France, named after Berlioz, the birth of a national symphonic culture is connected. Berlioz is a broad-based musician: […]

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